Who We Are

Malachi Global Productions exists to produce high quality, inspirational video projects that include television series, full length videos, and films. Our team of professionals are experts in branding, messaging, and in telling inspirational stories that our viewers love.

What We Do

We, at Malachi Global Productions, can assist with your video project, large or small. Our services include: story boarding, consulting, video and audio services, post productions, music selection, and/or producing your entire video project from start to finish.

What We’ve Produced

In recent years, our professionals have produced multiple international television series that include: TheDRIVEtv, TV4DADS, and Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary. These programs have aired in over 170 Countries, including the United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, and Russia.

Our Team

TV4DADS Episode 122 copy.jpg

Brian D. Molitor: Executive Producer and Host of TV4DADS

Jeni Molitor: Host of Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary and Associate Producer